Anyone who has ever taken part in a training or a business meeting, knows how important is the selection of a right place for it. The appropriate light, the right equipment or technical help- all of it can affect the success of the meeting.

Our hotel has a conference room that perfectly fits for organizing any kind of conventions, trainings or integrations. Our conference room can accommodate 32 people, who will have a permanent Internet access. Moreover, there can be natural or fake light. If needed, the conference room can be darkened so the presentation is displayed in the best quality. Additionally, there is a possibility of using photocopying machine or fax.

When you need it, our trained stuff will give you all necessary guidelines and help with any technical problems. What is more, there will be provided coffee brakes, lunches and dinners. Hotel service can help with transport of equipment or ticket reservations.
In case of booking greater number of rooms, the access to the conference room is for free.

Prices from 200zł/day